Pumpkin is in the air…Fall is coming!

Pumpkin is in the air…Fall is coming!

There are so many delicious recipes using pumpkin, sweet apples and much, much more…let’s face it, desserts are the best of all!

Here are a few to get you in the mood for the cooler weather (coming soon) and all that goes with fall!

CLICK HERE to access the interactive poster previewed below for these, and many more tasty treats.

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Market Looks Steady and Competitive

The Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service (ARMLS) has released their latest market statistics, and the market looks steady an competitive. Let’s dive in to the data:

Starting with the overall monthly sales chart, while we do see a decline in total sales in the month of June, that is expected, and quite normal annually as we head into the Arizona summer. The total amount of sales was higher year over year, that’s good to see.



As you will see below, we are still in what is considered a “Low Inventory” situation. As homes sell, there are not enough new listings coming on the market, so total available homes are still dipping.

This is good news if you have been considering selling. The buyers are out there, but their choices are limited.

The analysts at ARMLS are beginning to view this as “The new normal”, which will keep the market competitive, and keep pricing steady.

One reason for the “New Normal” could be that many people purchased their homes when the market was at its lowest. They were able to get, in many cases perhaps, more home than they needed at the time and grow into it. For this reason, they don’t have a need to sell to upgrade so they are staying put.

Another contributing thought would be that new home builders have in recent years not been building entry level homes. The entry level buyer from 5-7 years ago, in what would have been smaller new homes, would now be  looking to expand and move to something larger. Since those smaller homes simply do not exist, the inventory is not there, and first time home buyers have few choices for a home under $200,000.

But all is not lost! I’ll explain in the “Bottom Line”.


Before we get to the final thoughts, let’s see what pricing has been doing recently. If you recall, I was beating the “Bring your asking prices down” drum for quite a while (see previous blogs).

In mid-January early February, that happened.  Sales were slowing, pricing was too high. Then, as you can see below, the asking prices started coming down. It wasn’t a huge drop, simply an adjustment looking for where the buyers were. When these points came closer together, sales grew drastically.

As you can see in the chart below, the asking prices have stayed steady, and the sale prices have actually gone up as buyers are more willing to compete for their purchase…within a reasonable margin.

This shows a healthy, steady market.



Bottom Line:

Sellers. If you want to sell…DO IT NOW! With interest rates as low as they have ever been (3.84% as of today) buyers are out and trying to make their purchase in order to lock that low rate for the next 30 years.

All you need to do is, get your home ready to show (make it stand out), price accurately for your neighborhood, and watch the offers roll in.

I happen to be pretty good at assisting with all the above, call me for a free market analysis and tips on how you can make the most money with your sale.


Buyers: Did you read above? 3.84%!! Wow! It doesn’t get better than that, and it cannot last much longer. If you have been even thinking about buying a home, having that LOW interest rate for 30 years equals THOUSANDS of dollars in savings!

If you have ever thought that the reason you haven’t purchased is because you wanted to be able to afford more home, like a pool, 3rd or 4th garage, extra bedroom, upgraded kitchen, etc. Now you can.

A 1% change in interest rate can equal roughly $20,000 – $30,000 in buying power while keeping your payments the same. So, if you wait for rates to grow to say 4.8%, you loose your pool (or come out of pocket with more cash up front, or in monthly payment.)

This is the time to buy, call me, I would love to earn your business.

I have an awesome team of professionals in our corner to ensure a smooth transaction.

If you’re not ready yet, we can help you set a plan to get there with free advice and guidance.

I would be honored to earn your trust, your business, and your referrals. Give me a call, let’s get started today! (602) 818-6065 or Kevin@GiantAgent.com

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“Who I Am”

When you are an independent operator of a small business, every now and then you need to sell more than “What I do for you”, you have to sell “Who I am” to potential clients.

With this in mind, I thought it would be fun to take a few online personality quizzes that recommend, based on your answers, what your profession should be. The trick is to hold yourself accountable to your answers, be honest so as not to simply get the results you want, rather an accurate depiction of where you should be.

I took 3 different quizzes, random selections after a google search, and the results tell me that I am where I am meant to be.

Here’s the first:

Nailed it! People person with a focus on helping others…you and your friends and family!

These results were interesting to me because my first passion, and study direction (24 years ago) was law enforcement. Note, one of the career recommendations was “Police Officer”, but one was also what I do now…”Sales”.


The second quiz results were:

Again…”People person” popped up, with a focus on “Respect, Loyalty, and PATIENCE”! All traits that are important for me to properly serve you in your real estate transactions. These are a top priority to me, and I think my clients would agree that this is the way I serve.


The final quiz shows:

I learn from you every day. For that, I am grateful. I am where I should be as “My own boss” and I sincerely hope to continue serving you and your referrals with the upmost respect, integrity, and ethics for years to come.

I cannot do it without you, so please don’t hesitate to refer me to everyone you know, and meet.

Thank you!

(602) 818-6065 or Kevin@GiantAgent.com


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Are “Buy it Now” Companies Worth it?

I have noticed recently more and more “Buy it now”, “Why hassle with a Real Estate Agent” groups advertising to buy your home.  That got me wondering. Are the “Buy it Now” companies worth it? So, I went to the real numbers to see how selling the “No Hassle” way affects your bottom line. The results are astonishing…assuming you like your money.

Below is a selection of recently closed homes that 2 of these companies have closed in the past few weeks. This is not the price they gave the owner to purchase the homes, this is what they sold the property for after acquiring it. Names of the companies and the sellers have been redacted for privacy.

In the chart below:

“Original Seller” is the party that sold their home the easy way, direct to the investment company.

“New owner” would be the party that purchased the home from the company. Take a close look at the amount of money lost by the original homeowner by not selling the home traditionally with, perhaps, a few cosmetic updates.  10’s of thousands of dollars that could have been in their pocket.

Now, I understand that there are some cases where a quick sale could be desirable to a seller. Perhaps the home came in a deed of survivorship, perhaps it was a financial emergency, or a new job out of state that requires a quick sale. I get it. There is room for these types of deals. However, I don’t know if the seller is given the whole picture prior to signing one of these deals.

First. What is your home actually worth in it’s current condition? In many cases, more than what you will receive in one of these types of transactions.

Another question that is likely not addressed is, what would it cost to update the home cosmetically, and how would that transfer to the overall sale price? Chances are, the basic “Beauty Update” would be more affordable than most think, and could translate into a higher sales price. A sale that would not only get your investment back, but add additional profit resulting in more money in your pocket.

These companies are in the business of making money, that is the American Way. No complaints about them for finding opportunity and earning from it. However, they tend to do, in most cases, only simple cosmetic updates after they purchase a home, and the resulting profit for them…well…see below. $7,000 to $20,000 in just this small sampling. (Less expenses)

I have one simple ask for you. Before selling your home in this manner, let me come in and give suggestions as to what it would take to freshen your home, and what the potential sale price could be with a small up front investment.

With a little patience and elbow grease I can help you put that $7,000 to $20,000 in your pocket…where it belongs.

Call me, refer me to your friends and family. I always have time for you.  (602) 818-6065.


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‘Tis the Season for Phoenix Area Real Estate

The real estate market in the Phoenix Metro area continues to strengthen. We are “in season” some might say, buyers are out shopping and that is creating a healthy increase in sale prices. 

We are still not seeing a plethora of bidding wars driving pricing to unsustainable levels as we have seen in the past (circa 2005-2008). Personally, I don’t see that happening again anytime soon.

We do see a steady, healthy increase of pricing that is considered to be normal growth in a healthy economy.

Below are some statistics from the month of March showing the continued growth. Couple these stats with increasing mortgage interest rates and the results are going to be:

For Buyers. Waiting too long to buy could result in a higher purchase price and a higher monthly payment. You may be forced to give up a want or need in your new home to keep your monthly payment within your budget.

For Sellers. The value of your home is increasing, however, history shows that it could be short lived. Just like the stock market you want to “sell high”, but waiting too long could find you on the other side of the hill where you need to lower your price and offer many concessions.  Buyers are out there, but they are savvy. A fair deal now sells at a very good price. Waiting could put you in a less positive position. 

Consider too that you are likely looking to buy a new home. The increased cost of the new home will offset the “few thousand more” that you might get by waiting. Now is a good time to sell.

Let’s look at the numbers:

Monthly sales are up! As I said before, this is a great time of year to sell as buyers are shopping before the summer heat hits us. 


There are more homes coming on the market, again due to the time of the year, but we are still well below average for total listings available. This is a “sellers market”, but buyers are seeking out fairness. Overpriced homes tend to sit.

Take the advice of your listing agent on pricing and strategy in order to sell as quickly as possible for top dollar.


Not a surprise to see the total days on the market go down a bit this time of year. This number is the average in the entire Phoenix Metro area. Your neighborhood will vary.  Some areas are selling in a matter of days.  Contact me if you would like more specific information. 


To illustrate the “Sellers Market” a bit more.  If there were no more listings added, and the pace of sales continued as they are, there would be no homes for sale in the Valley in just over 2 months. Of course that’s not going to happen, but it shows that it pays for you to have a well connected real estate agent to find your home, get your offer accepted, and get it closed  before someone else snatches it up. 


To Summarize:

Sellers – Now is the time to get a great price on your home. Use an experienced REALTOR® to advise on pricing in your neighborhood, and market your home directly to buyers and buyers agents, stage your home beautifully, and get it sold fast!

BuyersDon’t wait! Interest rates are on the rise as expected. Just last week they went up about .15%. That may not sound like a lot, but when you look at the monthly mortgage payment that you have allowed in your budget, an increase of .15% could force you into a lower priced home for the same monthly payment.  Perhaps you won’t be able to afford that 3rd garage, or extra bedroom?

Bottom line. REALTORS® are here to maximize your value, buying or selling. We work for you in your best interest, and I would love to be YOUR REALTOR®.






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How Does A Mortgage Rate Increase Effect Your Buying Power?

With the booming economy and rising consumer confidence in the United States, it is almost assured the we will see an increase in Mortgage Interest Rates in the coming year. Many experts expect an increase of 0.5% by mid year, and up to as much as 1% by December.

That doesn’t seem like a big deal. After all, generations before ours had rates of 15, even 18% for mortgages. We are no where near those rates of the past…right?

Think of it in terms of your personal “Buying Power”.  How much home do you need? How much home do you want?

An interest rate increase of as little as 0.5% can drastically change how much home you can afford. As a result, you might not end up with the perfect home for your family.  That is without paying thousands of dollars more either out-of-pocket as a down payment, or over the life of your loan.

In 2018, the best time to buy your new home is right now.  Let’s get started, save you thousands of dollars, and get you your perfect home!

Click on this link (Mortgage rate increase effects) for an example I drafted to show how your home buying power will change when those rate are raised. Feel free to email or call me with any questions.




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Do They Know You?

New Video Blog!  “Do They Know You?”  CLICK HERE to view!

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